@neauoire Good news! I figured it out :)

LOGS_RANGE was set to 56 when I only have about 20 logs in my horaire journal. So it was ranging through beyond what existed and passing a null value along to Arvelie's functions.

@neauoire I've just updated everything, so I believe so.
But no worries! I'll explore some more and come back to you another time if I can't resolve it

@neauoire Messing with my own informal oscean wiki site and started getting a segmentation fault while building, which appears to be related to Arvelie: "SEGV arvelie.h:88 in arvelie_to_doty". Any idea about this? I've poked around but couldn't find a quick fix

The full output: paste.sr.ht/~exprez135/ffde70d

No problem if you aren't able to help out :)

@neauoire what's the differentiating factor between your projects under research/tools and visual/utilities?

@neauoire Haha, no problem. All your recent Plan9 posting and stuff like this has led me down some deep rabbit holes, but I'm loving it :) I'm excited to do more with this tomorrow. Learning so much!

@neauoire So I'm supposed to be deciding on what classes to register for by tomorrow. Instead, I am playing with this. Then, as I was about to pause, I find that you've made another commit. Please stop terrorizing me with this fun ;(

@nathand @tdk This is what I thought. I once paid attention to some of the forum posts for TTRSS. It made me so depressed to see it that I stopped even thinking about the developer. I've been using rss.tildeverse.org, but perhaps I'll try setting up miniflux sometime soon

@nathand Have you tried TinyTinyRSS? I'm curious about alternatives like miniflux

@Digital_Edge Definitely learn more about email! Once you see the magic of simple, plain text email you'll never go back :) When we're talking about html email with this sort of thing though, it just doesn't make much sense. Patches to projects are based on source code which is plain text. Converting that to HTML and back again is a minefield of potential problems. Some interesting sites:

@celia Tried ten times with cache disabled, averaged out to 2.12 seconds ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@celia Oops, but this is on macOS, not a linux distribution

@celia Weird. Loading splitwise for me in Firefox (79) on my laptop takes 1.49 seconds

@esparta At first I was scared about the redesign, but it seems they've kept the most important things. A good admin interface, openness and transparency about pros/cons, etc.

I was already on the mini plan, so the pricing change won't impact me for 9 months or so. Do you think you'll go with the mini plan or micro plan?

I guess, I'm just trying to figure out how I could have multiple of these bot handling programs communicate with one backend for it.

Ideally, this would all be using a Go embedded database instead of some external db like MongoDB.


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3. The Clients (e.g. IRC bot, Discord bot, Telegram bot): facilitates the communication between the Engine and end users.

The main problem: I can easily create a program that does all this for just one of those end points (e.g. one for Discord). I can create multiple versions for each of them. But then, to run them, each would have to query the original API by themselves. I'd rather have one central Engine be able to communicate with multiple Client bots.


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1. API: a Golang library for the specific API I am tracking. I've actually done this already.

2. Engine: uses my API library to get data, store it in a database. Also accept queries from the Clients below to return data (e.g. is ___ online right now?) then send back what the Client should send to its service (e.g. Discord or IRC). Also, it needs to keep track of status changes (e.g. ___ has just gone offline, tell the IRC Client to send a message saying that).

3. The Clients: ...


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