@ataraxia937 This made me curious enough to explore the City of Pittsburgh's website. First, it seems confusing, though information-rich. Second, their RSS feed is literally a lorem ipsum example RSS feed. No actual content.

@sjanes I've had so many random problems with Catalina over time, crashes and my Dictionary app being empty. Your post made me realize that I don't think I've ever experienced one of my desktops crash while using GNU/Linux. I really hope Apple gets it together with stability

@sir Same happened to me, had to pay $20 on PayPal I think

@sjanes Like one minute into using it and I already love it's window management. Especially compared to Alacritty, which doesn't even support multiple windows with one instance of the app.

@sjanes Awesome, I'll try it out. And I do love all the Fira fonts (go practical typography!)

@sjanes I used to use iTerm 2 on my Mac, but for some reason it became unfathomably slow on login/start up.

@sjanes Oooh, Kitty looks cool! Have you used Alacritty before? I'm wondering whether Kitty performs as well

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What happens when you have only one ISP, that ISP happens to own HBO, and national net neutrality protections don't exist? Things like this. gizmodo.com/what-did-we-say-ab

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@PINE64 do you have a blog post about the technical aspects of the cluster?

@sjanes Bad timing :(

Though I suppose a search engine failing is bad timing no matter when it happens

How does the Qt Company manage to send me a newsletter every single day?

The AAP is suing the Internet Archive for their distribution of books (which is even more prominent with expanded access during the coronavirus). [1](publishers.org/news/publishers)

Overall, I just don't get the concept of "owning" an idea, writing, or work.

The biggest obstacle to a shift in view on this is the economy. Instead of using advances to allow everyone to meet a basic livelihood and promote the free sharing of creative works, we just create artificial markets. It's just fake.

@ndegruchy But they're a *leading* staffing organization. No way you can turn that down

The good thing for Zoom is that their major goal of acquiring expertise in security/privacy is fulfilled with getting the people at Keybase, not the current users.

I went ahead and deleted my account, but I'm wondering what the plan is there. Will they work on Zoom completely separated from the current Keybase platform? Or somehow integrate Zoom into their public cryptography system? I'm imagining E2EE on Zoom which is facilitated by key sharing via Keybase

@advait That's great! And definitely a more constructive view of the entire thing.

Maybe I'll write a little handbook with some of this wisdom for future generations of MUNers at my school

@advait I like what you wrote here. I was the head of my school's Model UN club this past year, and I participated throughout high school. I think our group was better than a lot of MUN teams out there (not in terms of "winning"). We never took ourselves too seriously, mixed fun and games with a serious desire to make change and learn. We tried our best to make sure every person was involved and spread out our simulations over weeks to give people time for longer conversations.

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