@neauoire Messing with my own informal oscean wiki site and started getting a segmentation fault while building, which appears to be related to Arvelie: "SEGV arvelie.h:88 in arvelie_to_doty". Any idea about this? I've poked around but couldn't find a quick fix

The full output:

No problem if you aren't able to help out :)

@exprez135 I'm a bit busy right now but do you have the latest version?

@neauoire I've just updated everything, so I believe so.
But no worries! I'll explore some more and come back to you another time if I can't resolve it

@exprez135 keep me posted, if you haven't figured it out tomorrow, I'll give you a hand :)

@neauoire Good news! I figured it out :)

LOGS_RANGE was set to 56 when I only have about 20 logs in my horaire journal. So it was ranging through beyond what existed and passing a null value along to Arvelie's functions.

@exprez135 ah! I'm glad you figured it out, if you have any question don't hesitate to ask :)

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