@neauoire Any chance of enabling the «full discography» option on Basecamp so I can buy all your music in one go? :)

@neauoire Messing with my own informal oscean wiki site and started getting a segmentation fault while building, which appears to be related to Arvelie: "SEGV arvelie.h:88 in arvelie_to_doty". Any idea about this? I've poked around but couldn't find a quick fix

The full output: paste.sr.ht/~exprez135/ffde70d

No problem if you aren't able to help out :)

@neauoire what's the differentiating factor between your projects under research/tools and visual/utilities?

I guess, I'm just trying to figure out how I could have multiple of these bot handling programs communicate with one backend for it.

Ideally, this would all be using a Go embedded database instead of some external db like MongoDB.


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3. The Clients (e.g. IRC bot, Discord bot, Telegram bot): facilitates the communication between the Engine and end users.

The main problem: I can easily create a program that does all this for just one of those end points (e.g. one for Discord). I can create multiple versions for each of them. But then, to run them, each would have to query the original API by themselves. I'd rather have one central Engine be able to communicate with multiple Client bots.


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1. API: a Golang library for the specific API I am tracking. I've actually done this already.

2. Engine: uses my API library to get data, store it in a database. Also accept queries from the Clients below to return data (e.g. is ___ online right now?) then send back what the Client should send to its service (e.g. Discord or IRC). Also, it needs to keep track of status changes (e.g. ___ has just gone offline, tell the IRC Client to send a message saying that).

3. The Clients: ...


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If anyone has any advice for me, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm trying to write a program in Go, with a goal to keep it modular.

It's basic goal is to do two things:
1. Gather data from a public API and cache it in a database, occasionally refreshing this data.
2. Communicate with certain chat services as a bot, accepting queries for data and, for some of the info, sending notifications via those bots when there is a status change.

My idea was to split it into three portions.


@sir Moved away from ProtonMail to use Migadu a few months ago and just now realized that I can finally use aerc without any intermediary service on my computer

Welp, I will no longer be going to college in the fall

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In a big win for student free speech, the Third Circuit ruled that a public school can't discipline a student for posting "off-campus" social media speech. In this case, saying “fuck cheer” on Snapchat.

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What happens when you have only one ISP, that ISP happens to own HBO, and national net neutrality protections don't exist? Things like this. gizmodo.com/what-did-we-say-ab

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@PINE64 do you have a blog post about the technical aspects of the cluster?

How does the Qt Company manage to send me a newsletter every single day?

The AAP is suing the Internet Archive for their distribution of books (which is even more prominent with expanded access during the coronavirus). [1](publishers.org/news/publishers)

Overall, I just don't get the concept of "owning" an idea, writing, or work.

The biggest obstacle to a shift in view on this is the economy. Instead of using advances to allow everyone to meet a basic livelihood and promote the free sharing of creative works, we just create artificial markets. It's just fake.

The good thing for Zoom is that their major goal of acquiring expertise in security/privacy is fulfilled with getting the people at Keybase, not the current users.

I went ahead and deleted my account, but I'm wondering what the plan is there. Will they work on Zoom completely separated from the current Keybase platform? Or somehow integrate Zoom into their public cryptography system? I'm imagining E2EE on Zoom which is facilitated by key sharing via Keybase

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Announcing the SourceHut project hub 🎉


I don't usually explicitly ask for shares, but this is a big deal for SourceHut - the project hub solves one of our major goals for the alpha. Please help spread the word ❤️

@sir what do you think about email wrapped to 76 characters instead of 72?

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