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I wrote an article about unit testing outbound http requests in

It is called: Unit Test Outbound HTTP Requests in Golang.

(You didn't see that one coming, did you?)

Read it here: erikwinter.nl/notes/2020/unit_

As for the specifics:
I am Dutch developer, into free software, writing. And a bunch of other things. (I am a human, after all 😀 )

My sites:
* erikwinter.nl
* write.as/ewintr

All a perpetual work in progress...

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Hi everyone! time.

As many of you, I was disappointed by what the web has become. I even became so unhappy with it that I went in voluntary social media isolation for a long time.

Earlier this year, I was feeling nostalgic and started a personal site. A simple way to store my technical notes. Showed some writing and music I made. I really liked working on it. And then I started a (Dutch) blog on @write_as. And then I wanted more. And more. And now I am here.

@cooper Hi, I'm a new user and I will do a proper introduction soon, but for now I have a question:
I also have an activitypub account on Write.as (@ewintr@write.as) and I try to find and follow it, but I get no results. How does that work?


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