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You can prevent this by limiting room joins by the "complexity" of the federated room. This could prevent your users from joining rooms beyond a configured complexity limit. See here: matrix-org.github.io/synapse/l

I find myself reading this article (matrix.org/blog/2020/10/19/com) after the news of signal announcing it is intentionally and permanently making some of their code proprietary.
Their way is not the only or best way and as we can see from the likes of facebook etc, the moderation problem with big centralised services never goes away...
Just another false dichotomy and false choice by just another centralized tech giant.

@atoponce I've had a Baratza preciso for the past 8 or so years. Very happy with it.
Had to recently change the [burr holder](baratza.com/shop/burr-holder) but that's it! They are solid machines!


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