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"bitcoin is converting capitalism directly into climate change" - Harald Lesch

Found myself playing around with HTML5 canvas again, this is an infinite "world": (wasd to move around)

Source: It's very easy to impress me with stuff like this. Deciding on whether or not I should buy some kind of SDR device

I bought a color laser printer because fuck inkjets. I really have a strong urge to bring a sledgehammer to my old inkjet printer..

I was on the beach today and a duck literally walked past me and she was like 30 cm away from me. Awesome moment

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My old HP desktop that I use as a server now somehow managed to kill my entire LAN and completely froze up itself while doing so, I am so confused

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SMS one time passwords are something that should have died years ago. They're terrible for security and never come through

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Just joined! Glad to be part of this!

I discovered Mastodon after reading about the "Re-decentralizing the Internet" movement. It hit me right on the nose. Being a developer who's worked in media and ad tech, and someone with kids, I'm concerned about the direction we seem to be moving in. Joining this community is my first small step towards decentralization of my "personal infrastructure" and taking back ownership of our data and privacy.

Anyone have any suggestions on what to do about nextcloud android app giving "Permission error" when trying to upload files?

I installed nextcloud on my RPi3 server, it works fine except that it's suuuper slooow and I can't upload files from android app for some reason

Remind me to never attempt to generate dhparams on a pi ever again

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Minetest 5.0 release candidate 1 (5.0.0-rc1) is now available!

This is a pre-release version which has some remaining issues. Please help us by trying it out, and reporting any issues.

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So recently I heard about "libtards" but oddly, when I enter "sudo pacman -S libtards" it says that this package doesn't exist :thaenkin:

1505 rules in sshguard chain, if you want exact numbers, and this in just a few days

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