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Anyone have any suggestions on what to do about nextcloud android app giving "Permission error" when trying to upload files?

I installed nextcloud on my RPi3 server, it works fine except that it's suuuper slooow and I can't upload files from android app for some reason

Remind me to never attempt to generate dhparams on a pi ever again

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Minetest 5.0 release candidate 1 (5.0.0-rc1) is now available!

This is a pre-release version which has some remaining issues. Please help us by trying it out, and reporting any issues.

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So recently I heard about "libtards" but oddly, when I enter "sudo pacman -S libtards" it says that this package doesn't exist :thaenkin:

1505 rules in sshguard chain, if you want exact numbers, and this in just a few days

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I configured sshguard on my main server and holy cow, my iptables is absolutely full of hosts to drop. Crazy how many automated applications try to gain unauthorized access to computers on the internet.

This is exactly why you shouldn't use password logins for your servers and instead use SSH keys.

This is an important video regarding the state of our copyright laws.

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me: is this program based on java?? i can't tell. idk. i guess i'll just install it and maybe it'll be okay

installer: extracting file1.jar. extracting file2.jar. extracting file3.jar. extracting file4.jar. extr--

me: fuck FRUCK!!! OH FUCKN!!! oh shit. EJECT EJECT

I'm one of those people who has been attracted to technology from a very young age and I always ask questions

I also got a single data line RGB led strip I could control using said microcontrollers.

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I ordered a bunch of wifi development boards from China the other day. I love playing around with them, it's like.. networked arduinoes.

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@evertprants Unfortunately, email is the only open standard everyone supports. Which is awful. Because it's awful.

I don't like mail, like.. at all. Mail is terrible and SMTP is a terribe protocol. Fight me.

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Why is configuring mail such a pain? I've managed to set up a mail server but I'm so scared of touching anything in the configs.
I tried setting up a spam folder with dovecot and spamassassin but I keep breaking everything. I try to find documentation and ways other people have done it but I /still/ manage to break my mail server.

All of the problems in this world come down to money, if you think about it.
I'm not a communist, but I hate capitalism. I personally feel like humans themselves are not capable of creating a socioeconomic system that would benefit all, we need to use AI for that.

One thing you can be certain of: I'll always be against this outrageous copyright law.
And they're trying to make it even worse now thanks to this Article 13 bullshit, too.

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