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I don't like mail, like.. at all. Mail is terrible and SMTP is a terribe protocol. Fight me.

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Why is configuring mail such a pain? I've managed to set up a mail server but I'm so scared of touching anything in the configs.
I tried setting up a spam folder with dovecot and spamassassin but I keep breaking everything. I try to find documentation and ways other people have done it but I /still/ manage to break my mail server.

All of the problems in this world come down to money, if you think about it.
I'm not a communist, but I hate capitalism. I personally feel like humans themselves are not capable of creating a socioeconomic system that would benefit all, we need to use AI for that.

One thing you can be certain of: I'll always be against this outrageous copyright law.
And they're trying to make it even worse now thanks to this Article 13 bullshit, too.

I enjoy watching TV.. via Kodi.. from a raspberry pi 3.. with a streaming extension that's of questionable legality.. through tor.

Like, these guys literally have the power to change web standards with the snap of their fingers. Ridiculous.

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Google has too much power over the internet. No single entity should have this much power over anything.

At least it's not a 50€ paperweight, I can still use it.

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I took a gamble with my router purchase and of course it can't run OpenWRT because it's a bloody broadcom.. Damn it.

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My current main project is a personal web-based music library and player application that can stream using youtube-dl and lastfm.

I run most my shit on a 10€ Hetzner cloud VPS but I also have a raspberry pi 3 with an external HDD for a server.

Hello Fosstodon! I'm Evert from Estonia and I moved to this instance from because I felt like I belong here because of my love for free and open source software.
I'm a web developer, a Linux systems administrator and just a casual programmer, sometimes.


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