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Like, these guys literally have the power to change web standards with the snap of their fingers. Ridiculous.

Google has too much power over the internet. No single entity should have this much power over anything.

At least it's not a 50€ paperweight, I can still use it.

I took a gamble with my router purchase and of course it can't run OpenWRT because it's a bloody broadcom.. Damn it.

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My current main project is a personal web-based music library and player application that can stream using youtube-dl and lastfm.

I run most my shit on a 10€ Hetzner cloud VPS but I also have a raspberry pi 3 with an external HDD for a server.

Hello Fosstodon! I'm Evert from Estonia and I moved to this instance from because I felt like I belong here because of my love for free and open source software.
I'm a web developer, a Linux systems administrator and just a casual programmer, sometimes.


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