Political rant 

I hate my country. The people here are conservative assholes who hate LGBT, people of other races and foreign/different people in general.

Recently what really pissed me off is that some people here really believe that people should be punished for not wanting children. Our politicians even compared contraceptive sex to homosexuality (which is ofc bad in their eyes).

The pure ignorance of people is really getting on my nerves and I can't help but think about it.

Political rant 

Know that you are not alone, @evertprants. Compassion for strangers exists in every community, and it sounds like yours is one where it's suppressed. Find the others

Political rant 

Also @evertprants don't take the mainstream media portrayal of your country to be the one true portrayal. Fear and hatred and division are profitable, so those will always be amplified beyond truth. Talk with people and ask calm questions about their concerns.

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