I bought a color laser printer because fuck inkjets. I really have a strong urge to bring a sledgehammer to my old inkjet printer..

@evertprants I bought a B&W laser printer a couple years ago. Mainly because we only print documents, and not very often, so the ink would dry on the jets and ruin the cartridge. Laser has been great, I literally finished using the ‘starter’ drum last week. 😁

Got a HP LaserJet 5Si MX from the state supply/auction house years ago. 20ppm, two 500 sheet drawers, duplex. Got it used with a pallette of stuff. Lasted me 12 years. Only replaced the cartridge twice. Eventually got rid of it because I was moving across the US and it cost like three times what it was worth to move it. The thing was a monster. Replaced it with a decent Brother Laser. Man I miss that thing. Only issue, I had to run power cord to another room 😃.

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