All of the problems in this world come down to money, if you think about it.
I'm not a communist, but I hate capitalism. I personally feel like humans themselves are not capable of creating a socioeconomic system that would benefit all, we need to use AI for that.

@evertprants I would argue that it's selfishness and not money. Greed and love of money are merely one of the ways in which we humans fuck eachother over.

@DistroJunkie That's true. But the current system enables selfishness, in a way. We need to stop that.

@evertprants Any system enables selfishness. The system will not change human motivation. The most effective means of controlling human behavior would be with an iron fisted totalitarian state. I wouldn't want to live under that either. Communism had it's faults as well. Just look at Venezuela, Cuba, Maoist China or the former Soviet Union. The peasants starved while the leaders and party bosses lived like kings.

@DistroJunkie And that's why I said humans cannot create the perfect system. We just can't

@DistroJunkie Speaking of the Soviet Union, I live in estonia and the people here for some reason just won't give up their Stalinist world views. Now, people are electing a "conservative" party which is basically just Soviet-era politics and I don't know what to do. I can't stand this shit because it's outrageous.

@evertprants I'd argue money is an efficient medium of exchange. You're probably looking for a fairer distribution of means and a more useful basis for reward issuance. How would you distribute wealth/means/power? What behaviour would you want to reward people for?

The problem is that I don't know how to do that. In fact, nobody has figured it out that's why we're still here

@evertprants I'd start with making sure everyone had enough to eat, be healthy and to get a proper education.
And I'd reward people for behaviour that benefits (helps, supports, protects) their peers/neighbours/community/society.

My .02. Feel free to point out any downsides I might have missed.

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