Finally got around to rooting my phone, so much fun

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Hi Fediverse 👋

what do you think of this new landing page design? ✨

Feel free to leave your feedback here 🙂

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Finally hit it straight on the mark. Happy new year.

Source code:
WARNING: Entering horrible code area, proceed with extreme caution

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Sleep deprivation: working on a webgl project (no THREE, pure JS), got a quad tree lod terrain, a skybox, a simple gui system and font rendering done.. I do not know what will come of this but its fun nonetheless

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It does not look like there's a way to trust a proxy so that even if I could proxy it, the IP address Insp sees would always be the server's

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For anyone using InspIRCd 3.4.0, is it possible to use a nginx proxy on the WebSocket connection?

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RANT! (not serious) 

Wow my Estonian Mastodon translations are live already. I would love it if someone actually proofread all the stuff because I'm not the best translator in the world but sure, better than nothing.

State of desktop software in 2019: everything is chromium: discrete, separate instances of chromium and V8 javascript engine for every bloody application out there.

I have my first driving lesson today, pretty anxious but I think I'll manage

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Political rant 

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