Wow my Estonian Mastodon translations are live already. I would love it if someone actually proofread all the stuff because I'm not the best translator in the world but sure, better than nothing.

State of desktop software in 2019: everything is chromium: discrete, separate instances of chromium and V8 javascript engine for every bloody application out there.

I have my first driving lesson today, pretty anxious but I think I'll manage

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Political rant 

Improved the cable management a little, however, the cpu power cable is way too short to route in a nice way in this case so it looks stupid

I don't have my new hardware yet as you can see :P

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"bitcoin is converting capitalism directly into climate change" - Harald Lesch

Found myself playing around with HTML5 canvas again, this is an infinite "world": (wasd to move around)

Source: It's very easy to impress me with stuff like this. Deciding on whether or not I should buy some kind of SDR device

I bought a color laser printer because fuck inkjets. I really have a strong urge to bring a sledgehammer to my old inkjet printer..

I was on the beach today and a duck literally walked past me and she was like 30 cm away from me. Awesome moment

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My old HP desktop that I use as a server now somehow managed to kill my entire LAN and completely froze up itself while doing so, I am so confused

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