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in class war today, landlords are asking tenants for early rent

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I just want to make this perfectly clear: I will never use (known to be) backdoored crypto. I will not purchase "compliant" devices. If it comes down to it, I will stockpile grandfathered legacy devices.

Don't let the coronavirus hype distract you. They're pushing this shit through **right now**.

If you don't yet know about the government's latest attempt to legislate encryption backdoors, look here

Ever deeper down this rabbit hole I least this one was a simple config fix:

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Biggest stumbling block so far is the ssh keypair alongside all the code (on my windows drive) that ansible refuses to use because it thinks everything is 0777 😂

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Took the plunge and installed WSL on my Win10 rig.

So far, so good. Once I get vagrant, virtual box and ansible to play nicely, I can finally pick up some personal dev projects I let lapse. 🤞

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There's a whole class of weird US court cases against inanimate objects:

United States v. Approximately 64,695 Pounds of Shark Fins
United States v One Solid Gold Object In The Form Of A Rooster

I decided to see what a neural net would make of them.

Covid19, levity 

Everyone's reckoning with this self isolation, meanwhile my hermit lifestyle is mostly unaffected.

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Covid19, price gouging 

Alternate title: "Matt and Noah Colvin: assholes of newsworthy proportions "

The irony is I _love_ the nexus 6, but the battery and charging port wear out faster than the software, and end up very difficult and expensive to replace

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My is beginning to show its age, and now I'm stuck trying to find a relatively new Android phone that is actively supported for .

It is...difficult and slow going so far

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covid-19 and capitalism in USia 

So, state and local governments as well as some banks are starting to provide interest free loans for small/medium sized businesses affected by the pandemic.

If you find out that a business has received assistance but still hung their low-wage employees out to dry, get loud about that shit.

Suffer no such business to survive.

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Capitalism is wild.

Understand why your life may be in d-SUBSCRIBE FOR UNLIMITED CONTENT

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