@philbaker1 After having 3 inkjets IN A ROW crap out with dried out ink carts, I dropped a chunk of change on an mfc laser printer (a Brother).

It's been two years now and going strong, so I've zero regrets

lewd banana 

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"people who do 'unskilled labor' don't deserve to have money" is a spicy fucking take because is there any labor more unskilled than inheriting wealth and then pretending you earned it

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@majicjay I've used PIA for 5+ years and had no issues with them yet

@aspittel about as useful as a screen door on a submarine

@amolith still quicker to learn and get up & running than the alternatives like puppet and chef.

Also I may be biased, as a contributor myself

@amolith the one downside to ansible IMO is the uneven pace at which they introduce breaking changes, even across minor versions.

For one particular app (that is admittedly many years old), I've had to update all my playbooks after every few minor (and one major) version updates

I don't know who wrote these luxon docs, but holy crap are they right

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@major everything since 2009 has been a terrible mistake

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US residents:

Jump on the Equifax leak claim wagon. You get $125 in the settlement, automatically. ALSO, you can be compensated at the rate of $25 per hour for time spend remediating their fuckup, and only have to provide documentation if you spent more than 10 hours unfucking them. The official claim site is equifaxbreachsettlement.com/

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My brother's plum trees have borne fruit. (Hand for scale)

Now the question becomes: what the !?#$ do I do with all these plums?

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Recently, Github has restricted people from Iran, Syria, and other regions from accessing their private repositories and the static website host Github Pages.

Free and ethical technology use denounces such crony nepotism oppressing individuals from practicing technological liberties and hacker culture. Please consider using sourcehut.org/ as your new host for your projects. Sourcehut is 100% libre, composable, Javascript-free, and does not track you at all!

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