Everything I hear about Windows 11 sounds like MSFT just made a bunch of arbitrary and user-hostile design decisions that they'll probably end up rolling back to hold onto their non-business user base

@evanskaufman I hate Windows and Microsoft as much (or even more than) than the next guy. I'm the first one to jump onto the hatred bandwagon. But I really don't understand a lot of the hate for Windows 11. 11 had a ton of major improvements over 10, and I like it much than 10. Before you bring up privacy, security, and all that; you *shouldn't* be using Windows at all if those are something you want or need.

TLDR: What I'm trying to say is that even I have found a lot to like about 11. /shrug

@Phate6660 From what I can gather, the biggest gripe is MSFT's continual push for online-only logins and how it may affect drive encryption and recovery when one finds themselves without an internet connection.

@evanskaufman but... rounded corners! and... who really needs to move the dock anyway?

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