Anyone have strong opinions regarding email hosting providers with custom domain support?

My grandfathered G-suite (now Workspace) account is shutting down soon, so I'm on the lookout for a provider that supports multiple domains (even with a single configuration)

Thanks all for the recommendations!

Still considering options, and I may just get hosting for my primary domain and handle the others with cloudflare email routing

@evanskaufman I've always found fastmail to be rock solid. Not cheap. Good domain support though - you pay per inbox and then get infinite domain / alias stuff.

@evanskaufman I'm in the same situation as you, and am moving to zoho. I have been testing zoho for some time now (as I was already planning to move away from Google anyway). Not sure which features you need with respect to multi domain name support, but they do allow multiple domains. Also zoho mail pricing is pretty hard to beat.

@evanskaufman @disroot offers custom domain supports for patrons, but I'm not sure about multiple domains

@evanskaufman look at protonmail... Thinking about doing the same like you.

@evanskaufman is love ❤️

For 30 €/year you get an account with 50 e-mail adresses from unlimited custom domains. You can set up a catch-all inbox and write from any address on a domain, so adding * is actually sufficient. Inclusive calendars, contacts sync, file storage, and more!

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