It really amazes me how far some folks will go, the mental gymnastics they will twist themselves through and the hills they will die on for their so-called heroes. (See, for example, weird nerd hero worship of Elon Musk)

is one guy, and a notably rude and divisive one at that. If the man had an ounce of leadership ability in him, he'd step aside himself in the interest of the FOSS community at large.

@evanskaufman The thing is, some folks get so caught up in whether or not the allegations against the icon within the community are true, rather than focusing on whether or not the person themselves is fit to be a leader.

High-performing or pioneering does not equal "good at leading", it just means they can do a lot and is willing to take risks.

Folks are going to realize in the next few years that the people appointed leaders are lacking in proper leadership qualities

@Shamar @evanskaufman There's some in there (I explored more of the thread than what you linked) that seem completely blind to the fact that it's a problem, having this skew of interested parties towards the US and Europe. But then there's also some of those pushing for more diversity by using a kind of standoffish attitude of "how dare you insist you have no privilege"

It makes the whole situation kind of messy, even though it's evident to me that diversity is entirely the answer.

@Shamar @evanskaufman How exactly to go about that diversity? Many others with more expertise are best left to have that discussion with the powers that be

@evanskaufman I feel that he would be a valuable resource for Free Software if he would have just stayed aside. I was glad to see him get a speaking slot at LibrePlanet. But I was not pleased to hear him say that he was back on the board. I think any leadership position within the FSF is the wrong job for him. (As the founder, and his attitude, any leadership position makes him the defacto leader of the the organization, regardless of his or anyone else's titles)

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