My is beginning to show its age, and now I'm stuck trying to find a relatively new Android phone that is actively supported for .

It is...difficult and slow going so far

The irony is I _love_ the nexus 6, but the battery and charging port wear out faster than the software, and end up very difficult and expensive to replace

@null0x0 never heard of this brand, but the family of devices looks promising! thanks :D

@evanskaufman have you looked at pixel 2? You might get good deal on them used.

@SciencePhysicist @evanskaufman I use OnePlus 3T it's Ok for my use case. I am on Stock rom as many "Banking" apps hate custom ROMS. It's my primary phone so I don't play as much. I have Galaxy Grand Duos which runs on Lineage OS 11 and I maintain the builds for that device i.e. build it locally on my server.

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