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cheezits or goldfish

>love the art you make
>try to make the art you love
>the two things might be different and you could get confused

I just read about a new set of attacks on wifi connections. They are called . The most useful one would get you to use a malicious DNS server.
Using DNS over HTTPS (DoH) makes you safe against this attack, as well as other DNS spoofing attacks and censoring via DNS.

My humble mixed media production studio. <3 thrift store finds.

i got that

Literally though, I'd love to make a "spike" style cap with UV and IR LED's all over the thing in order to send signals and mess with surveillance equipment.

Telemetry 👏️ is 👏️ not 👏️ bad 👏️ if 👏️ it 👏️ is 👏️ opt 👏️ in.

My only hope is Audacity decides to make that data public and transparent.

just deactivated my facebook

fosstodon is literally the closest i can get to the same "community" feel it provides

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