I'm curious if anyone wants to play around with my IoT smartwatch that sends me a shock whenever you want. You can also make it beep and vibrate :) pavlok-mvp.herokuapp.com/unloc

@admin You just sent me a vibrate, correct? P.S. hello from Dayton!

@evandornbusch That's awesome!

I'm starting a new charity with it's foundations here in Cincinnati - I'll have to plan some events starting up there this summer.

@admin I'm an amateur artist, maybe I'll have some work I can donate by then? I'm still figuring my medium out.

@evandornbusch We could sponsor you, you sponsor us. I've tried to commission and sell a few NFTs but no go yet.

@evandornbusch Figured I'd donate the gas to get them listed and at the very least we'd get a donation... not so much. But every day I'm hustling!

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