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I'm curious if anyone wants to play around with my IoT smartwatch that sends me a shock whenever you want. You can also make it beep and vibrate :)

just played chicken with a goose and the goose won

Hey, I got my art website back up to date finally! Check out where can browse through my work from the last few years in oil and watercolor painting, stained glass, linocut prints, and my recent dive into plotter drawings.

send me cursed music theory things (specifically relating to nonstandard tuning systems)

keeping an open line of communication with the hacker who keeps changing my SSID's is peak 2021 for me

I'm considering incorporating the Greek alphabet into my passwords at this point.

might convert every analog and digital i can think of... maybe do FM --> AM twice over then throw in ADSP bluetooth codec for remixing. gild the lily by streaming it over dial-up

Phone manufacturers were hiding this trick for years!

Anyone want to connect to my IPFS node for fun? Public key: CAESIFj6JnDhaqffO6vjzPqnhlPmDU1qZY/CunA0webVHf+h

Does anyone know of any faucets (like on the testnets) where aspiring developers can apply for a tiny ethereum grant? Like literally $20 USD?

I got a MIDI app on my phone and connected the electro-sax with a USB OTG cable - the latency is much lower! It's definitely low enough to be fun to play now.

So that means I have to delve into linux audio again. I might just revert from Pipewire back to Pulseaudio just to see what effect it has.

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Getting exposed to other cultures and languages on the fediverse has been fundamentally eye-opening. The world is so much bigger than I thought.

New project: putting System Bus radio ( on my and playing with interference as an instrument!

a fungus: *trying to decompose a capitalist structure*
me: aww same buddy

These are my very favorite radio antennae at the Air Force Research Laboratory in Dayton, Ohio, USA.

existential crisis joke 

[“damn, I wish that were me” voice] damn, I wish I were me

"i think i subtooted the wrong toot" isn't something i thought i'd be typing but here i am

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