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I'm curious if anyone wants to play around with my IoT smartwatch that sends me a shock whenever you want. You can also make it beep and vibrate :)

Facebook is pushing groups like a last ditch effort.

Send psychic messages back to yourself in your youth, conveying that the bad times won't last and new, good times will come. You know how to do it, and younger you will appreciate it so much.

someone stole a bucket of USED cat litter out of our trash can

if it was you i'm not upset, i just want to know why

Recorded some more demos of my vocal tract sculpting instrument, now with pitch control! (Demos are more similar than different)

Demo 1:

Demo 2:

Demo 3:

Me and the boys from Fosstodon spreading the word about free and open source software 😎 🐧

Doing my first steps towards freeing myself from mainstream social media. Fediverse, here I come!

This place is officially my new den now.

do you prefer to sleep with your socks on or off

hot marketing strategy: deodorant line called "Good"

"you should smell Good"

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