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I'm curious if anyone wants to play around with my IoT smartwatch that sends me a shock whenever you want. You can also make it beep and vibrate :)

Facebook is pushing groups like a last ditch effort.

someone stole a bucket of USED cat litter out of our trash can

if it was you i'm not upset, i just want to know why

Recorded some more demos of my vocal tract sculpting instrument, now with pitch control! (Demos are more similar than different)

Demo 1:

Demo 2:

Demo 3:

Me and the boys from Fosstodon spreading the word about free and open source software 😎 🐧

Doing my first steps towards freeing myself from mainstream social media. Fediverse, here I come!

This place is officially my new den now.

do you prefer to sleep with your socks on or off

hot marketing strategy: deodorant line called "Good"

"you should smell Good"

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