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After last quarter's HW/SW interface class and what I've seen so far in Systems Programming, I think I have a greater appreciation of C now. Still not my favorite language by far, but it isn't nearly as bad as some of the other stuff I've had to use

I wish more languages had pattern matching

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Was reminded why I love Scheme so much as I was making some macros today.

Don't have the tools to do what you want in a concise way? You can literally just make your own syntax and it translates into existing syntax under the hood.

Why aren't we using this in the mainstream? lol

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The info about it being dead: https://fosstodon.org/@yarmo/104814367157855181

Evan, just in case you'd still want to connect your key and Mastodon account there is always the decentralized way: https://keyoxide.org/

I have just closed my account. Probably should have done it sooner. My public key is always available on my website and the fingerprint is in my Mastodon bio.

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Quick reminder that sourcehut is 100% free and open source software, unlike GitHub, GitLab, or BitBucket

Shoutout to other free software forges like @codeberg and Pagure, too

the lab in one of my CS classes this week has us doing buffer overflow exploits, which is cool, but also reminds me of just how unsafe our software is by default.

A language like OCaml literally never has these problems because it is type and memory safe

Emacs features learned recently: xref-find-definitions and set-mark-command with prefix (C-u C-SPC).

Super helpful, especially the latter whenever I search for something.

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unpopular opinion but I have really come to appreciate tab characters


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