@notriddle I'm a bit tired of that, too. It's like it never occurs to them that maybe Google sticking a big banner on the world's most popular home page telling people to install "not firefox" had something to do with it.

It's also like they think most people didn't switch to Firefox originally because it had tabs and IE didn't.

@_ @SuricrasiaOnline Not entirely sure of how practical it is, but there is support for "Native messaging". You may need to create a sidecar script to turn the stdin into calling some other program with a file arg.

TIL there's a raspberry variety called "himbo top"

@qdot You gotta make some time for paradise killer.


"It's easy! Just biject the abelian comonad into the simplex endofunctor."

They've played us for absolute fools.

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@trickster create-react-app is the immutable ledger of all npm packages that have ever existed

Also, for Gnome 41, is it normal to HAVE to install an app indicator extension? Seems weird not being able to access "background" stuff without it...

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@SuricrasiaOnline you still good if i post my kitty cannon and nanaca crash high scores?

@ascott Having an editor, a terminal, and a means of multiplexing them with shared keybindings and the kill ring is pretty cool.

Tramp is neat. C-u C-x ! to insert shell output directly into a buffer is handy. Macros have saved me lots of time.

I like the feeling that there's all this functionality waiting to be discovered.

@SuricrasiaOnline Why does this sound familiar? Do you remember if it was one or two characters stuck?

chan website 

@wizard My impression of lainchan was that some posters were genuine, but most everybody else was roleplaying. Self-selection meant that this normally board specific issue is site-wide.

did you know that the word 'bus' is from the latin 'vengabus'?

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@trickster real OO has never been tried, that's crony OO

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