Using pmOS on the OnePlus 6! Performance is quite good, and works great in browsing and listening to music through Elisa. Thanks for audio support @calebccff 😄

@bart @calebccff I can get about 2 days on standby, and most of the day with just playing music. Obviously not as great as the stock OS, but quite usable!

@espidev Honestly a day on non-standby is enough for me. "Most of the day" isn't that assuring however 😛

@bart I just measured today about 5-6ish hours of continuous music playback and light usage (so I guess it never went to deep suspend)

@espidev @bart that ain't too bad at all! I've left my device on standby for > 24 hours before and it's still alive when I'm back...

@espidev @bart @calebccff wow I only get 2 hours battery life playing music on Fedora

@espidev @calebccff I have OnePlus 6 what about camera, mobile network, it works?

@vilda @calebccff camera and mobile data unfortunately don't work at the moment. I know there are efforts underway to get the modem working with Phosh/ModemManager though

@Vectorfield @calebccff Recents screen? I don't believe there is a recents screen in Plasma Mobile...

@espidev @calebccff How it's going? Unfortunately, Mi A3 doesn't have any workable distro. I can't wait any mobile distro for this phone

@espidev @calebccff That's getting closer to daily driver material, by the looks of it - I recall reading that KDE isn't the most battery-friendly of the mobile environments, so that might play a role.

Are you actually using the phone as your phone, or is this an on-the-side phone to tinker with?

@doenietzomoeilijk @calebccff I can't use it as a daily driver yet due to the lack of an email client and many social media apps, so I'm mainly just using it on the side as a media player.

@espidev @calebccff right, not to mention the lack of connectivity outside wifi or Bluetooth, of course - only thought of that after I posted my question.

Still, progress!

@doenietzomoeilijk @calebccff Yeah! I'm excited to see the ecosystem get built up, progress has been staggering in the past year.

@espidev @doenietzomoeilijk @calebccff You can read your mails with QuickMail and for your social media needs there is Tokodon :)

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