The Elisa mobile layout has finally been merged! Very excited for the music player to be on on my !

@espidev thanks a lot for all the work you have put into this

@espidev Looks really great! I'm looking forward to trying it on the Pine Phone.

@espidev I was playing around with elisa on the pinephone today, and I must say that I'm really impressed. Really great work!

I also love the fact that the feature which is inhibiting suspend on playback works out-of-the-box on the pinephone. I think it's the only audio app that currently has this(?). That really shows the solid foundations of the KDE/plasma ecosystem.

@mogwai Thank you! For the mobile layout, I only needed to work on the UI side, so it's nice seeing that this sort of functionality has carried over nicely :)

@espidev Yes, that exactly: even though only the UI was updated, all the advanced functionality seems to "just" carry over onto a quite different platform.
That really shows the strength of the KDE eco-system.
(Although it simultaneously makes it daunting to understand all the moving parts in the code. Or maybe that's just my noobness talking. 🙂)

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