I have used Gnome as my desktop now for years and years, but for some reason, an arch update yesterday managed to break it for me. While I could have found the problem and fixed it, I decided to use the opportunity to remove it completely and try KDE Plasma instead. Tried it before but generally never managed to last more than a day or two, but this time I'll try to stick with it at least to the end of the year. First impressions are a lot better than previous times, so I'm hopeful.

Slight update on this one, something seems to have happened during the night, woke up and it was back to being broken. The solution seems to be in sysctl somewhere, but tbh I'm out of patience for the moment. Reverting to the old two-ips-one-nic setup and wrapping it up in netfilter

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Quite pleased with myself. My system got two got two ip's on different subnets and and require different macs but just one network interface (A typical Hetzner setup for those who recognise it) . While it was working fine to configure to config both addresses on the one interface, I wanted to split ip two up into a separate virtual interface.

It took some trial and error, but finally managed to get it working. πŸ˜…

TFW your in the zone, working remotely on several opened terminals typing away happily, then go for a reboot of the remote system and suddenly your own system instantly reboots :blobcatfacepalm:

Turn on the firewall, they said. Open an ssh session to be safe, they said. It will be fine, they said.

Hi guys! Thanks for letting me on here. Some of you might know seen me post as @espen but it's down atm so I decided to hang around here while I'm setting it up again and check out what it's like to be on an instance with more than one user on it :)


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