Looks like Santa was here and brought me the thing I always wanted when I was a kid: the most secure and hackeable watch ever invented, the CASIO F-91W

Big red flag on the F-Droid ecosystem

Newpipe v. 0.20.1 (both foxy Droid & F-Droid versions) are crashing if launch from external app. Not big deal about that.

What is really fishy is to immediately after the crash offering to download and install an APK with the - apparently - updated version (0.20.2) bypassing all the protections we may have .

Do you know something about it, @fdroidorg ?

I love this answer developers.login.gov/faq/

Can we turn off two factor authentication?
- No.

And that's how it should be answered.
As IDP in a SSO context that's the only acceptable answer: NO, the SP can't and shall not be able to disable user's 2FA.

My friends decided I'm not welcome in their group because I did mention I'm still using Linux's kernel 4.1x branch and I have no intentions to jump to 5.x anytime soon.

So sad.

As part of my virtual relocation I'm also saying good bye to yet another old provider.
Didn't realize it was almost 10 years hosting my web services at FrantechCA buyvm.net

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I should also add this was one of the things that helped Linode in my decision to move all to them at least for 8 to 10 months from now.

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Today I'm moving all my virtual assets to Linode.
I've heard a lot about how good their services are.
I'll tell you later my experience...

Me, the genius: I think I'll use asdf-vm in this old RaspberryPi
Me, the genius, a few minutes later, realizing it would take more than 20 minutes the `asdf install Ruby 2.7.1`

Today is the last day I'm using Todoist* as my main ToDo application. There's nothing wrong with the service or app, it's a pretty solid product.

It's all on me. I'm more conscious about my privacy and realize I don't want to keep telling a 3rd party what , when, where I do things.

Maybe I'll be back the day they add client-side encryption. In the mean time I deleted my account I was using since 2015.

* todoist.com

Look at that, I'm one of the Github's Arctic Code Vault Contributor!*

I'm trying to figure out how do I get the check or cash fo..

/* random approaches and whisper */

I just been informed it's a virtual badge and besides bragging rights or feels-good vibes has no monetary nor financial value.

Sorry about that.

* archiveprogram.github.com/

Next time you think your data is not valuable remember these images.
This is what I can track in my local network. Nice graphs and metadata I got without any fancy nor expensive technology: around $0 since it's produced by my EdgeRoute X & PiHole.
Imagine this kind of data aggregated by your ISP or "no logger ever" VPN provider.

It's probably a minimal help, but at least for me the work I've done in this month is substantial and made feel good for having the privilege of collaborate with projects

The Bing.com poll
Later on the day I will put what was the ending results (and my answer if that matters 😄

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