Looks like Santa was here and brought me the thing I always wanted when I was a kid: the most secure and hackeable watch ever invented, the CASIO F-91W

@esparta I've had an F-91 in my Amazon cart for a couple months now, broke my trusty Casio calculator last summer. Are these really hackable? What can they do?

@esparta fascinating! Curious how a small simple thing came to be associated with such evil.

@c_cooper the thing is their circuits are easy to reuse not like you can modify for something; it was always cheap at the point nobody wanted then. Sadly it was used for bad things and that's why the bad reputation. Hope I never have problems with any 3-letter agency.

@esparta for some reason I started to look for reviews of this watch after looking at your pic lol.
it's quite appealing, nice gift :)

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