Big red flag on the F-Droid ecosystem

Newpipe v. 0.20.1 (both foxy Droid & F-Droid versions) are crashing if launch from external app. Not big deal about that.

What is really fishy is to immediately after the crash offering to download and install an APK with the - apparently - updated version (0.20.2) bypassing all the protections we may have .

Do you know something about it, @fdroidorg ?

@esparta @fdroidorg I installed apk from page. Fdroid spend long time and I needed the app.

@esparta @fdroidorg It's Newpipe who's offering their up-to-date version of their own application. There's no reason for you to bring out the pitchfork before you even know what's going on.

@hund @fdroidorg yeap, I review from all places, did the test on how and when the new version is offered. This is the first time any app ask me to download an APK within the app.

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