I'm looking for a Video Editor .
Which one do you recommend?

@tdk thank you! Have a pair of questions:
Why would you recommend it?
What do you dislike from kdenlive?

@esparta I gave a few others a try ( was the on I liked the most before I found ) and kdenlive was running stable and had a workflow that seemed a good fit to me.
I can't tell you anything that I dislike, but I am only starting to use it and only for small stuff.

@tdk thanks your reply expand my ideas on what would be better for the long run. I'll check more.

@esparta I’d use Kdenlive. Open shot is also FOSS, but it’s...... lackluster. It’s basically a one man project. So very impressive, but... not as good.

KDenlive is the fastest option you’ll find, it has support for 3D GPU processing to speed up video rendering and etc (even during scrubbing and preview). But just like anything on Linux it is prone to derping out and crashing if you don’t play nicely or try to ask too much of it. It’s kinda hit and miss in that regard.

@wholesomedonut thank you for this complete report.
Looks like as the clear líder here.

@esparta I am also evaluating video editors for Linux, currently I have Kdenlive, Openshot and Blackmagic as options.

@Meeper @esparta
Yeah, I like appimage too easy to run and no installations. :ac_dazzle:

@null0x0 @esparta I’m sorry the modern technologies are snaps and clickpkgs…. Yeah just appimages are quite enough

@null0x0 @esparta flatpaks are annoying imo, quite a few reasons for which they are not great

@null0x0 @esparta Like the command syntax and package naming is bad for actual use, flatpaks have a whole sandboxing interface that can break functionality and most people won’t know how to control them, which is inadequte for the targetted audience imo.

Also flatpaks rely much on a central repository

@null0x0 @esparta Appimages and package managers are okay for most people, I prefer just distributing the tarballs io

@Meeper @esparta
From a normal user perspective appimage seems to be the balance. And native store is a good place to get apps and tools.

@null0x0 I just learnt about Blackmagic, but I didn't find an obvious website to check. Can you provide an URL to review?


@null0x0 ohh that's why, the complete name is Davinci Resolve by Black Magic Design and is closed source.

I just checked out and I'm about to pass. I wouldn't mind to pay if is good enough and OSS (that's why didn't mention ).

Besides not been OSS they also require registration? so I have to give up my info (or lie) in order to even test their software?

@esparta you can fill up grabage data on that form hehe. They require that info to track sales and licensing the product.

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