My friends decided I'm not welcome in their group because I did mention I'm still using Linux's kernel 4.1x branch and I have no intentions to jump to 5.x anytime soon.

So sad.

@hund none. Sometimes they are just mean.
The true must be said: they were joking, we are always joking around.

@esparta I assumed so, but even if they're joking they must have some lame argument. :P

@hund I don't think so, some just want to try shinny things and be on edge. I just know my system is super stable and seeing the changelog never gave me a solid reason to move, so I'm staying on what works for me.

@esparta Unless someone have shiny new hardware and are looking for new/better support for something specific, I don't see any reason to run the latest kernel.

I use the LTS kernel myself and I enjoy the stability. :)

@esparta any reason to specifically stick with the 4.1x branck of kernel?

@RyuKurisu the Linux kernel 4.1x was the LTS with full support for my hardware the first and only time I did install my current distro.
My needs and hardware hasn't change so I chose stability.

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