Today I'm moving all my virtual assets to Linode.
I've heard a lot about how good their services are.
I'll tell you later my experience...

I should also add this was one of the things that helped Linode in my decision to move all to them at least for 8 to 10 months from now.

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As part of my virtual relocation I'm also saying good bye to yet another old provider.
Didn't realize it was almost 10 years hosting my web services at FrantechCA

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@esparta look forward to hearing about your experience. Currently I use Scaleway, and I'm mostly happy, but always open to new suggestions.

@esparta I liked Linode back when I was on it. I forgot why I moved to Vultr. I think it was to try to automate machine provisioning with Ansible (most of my Linode stuff was manual) but now I've gone back to a hybrid manual/automated approach with a Hetzner dedicated server.

Linode does have some of the best IPv6 support compared to other providers.

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