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If you're a senior member of your team, no matter what your profession, you have a responsibility to lift up the junior members, mentor them, recognize their successes, and help them grow in whatever way aligns with their goals.

Be a team member you'd want to work with. ❤️

Rant on #mastodon & lists 

I'm still thinking the requirement on follow someone to be able to added to a list is stupid.

I want lists to have my timeline as short as I please and then have multiple lists to switch and read when mood, interest or whatnot comes along.

Is this only or something configurable by instance?

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Don't use Google or Google-owned web services

Ditto for Facebook/Instagram

Ditto for Twitter

Ditto for Microsoft

Ditto for... well, a lot. Be a smart consumer

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I hate to ask, but here goes.

I'm looking for a role as a . or . Preferably where I have previous work ex from.

I've been looking a while and nothing with the right fit has come along. Work life balance is super important. If UK, happy to work completely in your timezone!

My site is and I'm happy to email you my CV/resume. Will start immediately once we're on the same page. 💯


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Apps targeting Android SDK 30 published by F-Droid cannot yet be installed on Android 11. This affects at least FairEmail, Netguard, OpenVPN and a few others.

You might want to hold up upgrading your device to Android 11 for a few weeks if you rely on any of these apps.

As a developer, you might want to hold up upgrading targetSDK to 30 for a bit.

The issue is tracked here, including a workaround for getting your data back from FairEmail in case you already fell into this trap.

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I'm looking for a "big" -cheap- affordable ereader device with a lit display (front-light with ereaders if I'm correct). I've currently looking at the Note 2, which is a 10.3" device I can get second hand for €449

Any other suggestions or better sales?

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The perfect tablet does not exist:

A: Good hardware+software to achieve low latency

B: Supports multiple user accounts

C: Has alternative app stores so it doesn't choke innovation

D: Provides regular software upgrades for long life.

Apple scores on A & D whereas Android on B & C.

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I've decided to change the name of my new Arbitrary Stats System, because the acronym was inappropriate. It's now called Arbitrary Roleplaying Stats Engine.

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I'm looking for a Video Editor .
Which one do you recommend?

I love this answer

Can we turn off two factor authentication?
- No.

And that's how it should be answered.
As IDP in a SSO context that's the only acceptable answer: NO, the SP can't and shall not be able to disable user's 2FA.

My friends decided I'm not welcome in their group because I did mention I'm still using Linux's kernel 4.1x branch and I have no intentions to jump to 5.x anytime soon.

So sad.

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I have the domain name , I won't use it and is about to expired. I bought it at an auction. If someone want it, let me know.

My choice in email service has just announced starting on Oct 1st, 2020 they are "Sunsetting the free plan", meaning we all need to be paid customers.

I don't feel attacked nor bad about this change of direction, they used to have their "Unlimited Evaluation" trial. Not anymore.

By Oct I will be a paid customer. For sure. I'm OK with that. I'll continue supporting them

They forgot to make public their communication, but I fixed that:

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The Mozilla layoff is terrible - not only for the former workers, but also the web at large.

If we are concerned about the future of a more private & secure web, without a monopoly - we might want to double-down on our support of Mozilla to ensure that more people keep their jobs.

Being vocal about the direction of #Firefox & #Mozilla to appropriate channels is surely needed - less Google & more innovation.

Let's work to oust any leadership without the vision we all need for a better web.

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Esparta boosted is more concerned with Google’s interests than good engineering

As part of my virtual relocation I'm also saying good bye to yet another old provider.
Didn't realize it was almost 10 years hosting my web services at FrantechCA

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I should also add this was one of the things that helped Linode in my decision to move all to them at least for 8 to 10 months from now.

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Today I'm moving all my virtual assets to Linode.
I've heard a lot about how good their services are.
I'll tell you later my experience...

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