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I’m a software engineer passionate about creating open source projects in the open.

My main blog can be found here:

Some recent projects I’ve been working on:
- — microblog for lists
- — neovim plug-in directory
- — neovim plug-in directory for terminal

Purchased — getting some ideas percolating for a platform

Can anyone recommend a good iOS app? One that works well with v3 features and a bouncer?

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DigitalOcean is increasing their prices. Ugh.

At least they're also introducing a new cheaper plan so I might actually be able to save a little bit of money.

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🧊 Melt just got a fresh batch of command line love! Now you can pipe your keys in to generate a seed phrase and restore a key directly from standard in.

Grab the latest release to give it a spin.

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NVIDIA has finally released the Linux GPU kernel module source code as as with a dual GPL/MIT license, starting with the R515 driver.

In this release, support for GeForce and Workstation GPUs is alpha quality.

"A good architecture maximizes the number of decisions not made." Thought provoking talk from 2012, still highly relevant.

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bought myself an ens domain: neurosnap.eth

I cannot figure out how to get tmux mouse selection to clipboard to work at all in KDE+Konsole. I'm using xsel and tmux-yank.

With sway everything worked perfectly out-of-the-box. Anyone know what to try?

I learned some new abbreviations from this like:

SNAFU: Systems Normal; All Fucked Up

Other thoughts: DRY causes just as much harm as good. SQL is better than ORMs.

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My philosophy on :
- Keep it simple, stupid
- Write code, not read documentation
- Write code, not DSLs
- Balance control with productivity
- Done is better than perfect
- Explicit is better than implicit

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What’s an example where a piece of software you use breaks the path of least surprise?

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