I regularly get the “oh you use but you don’t code” comments. No I don’t code. I use my machines to check mail, browse the web, edit videos, you know pretty much what Mac and Windows users do. My Linux OS’s are and You know you can be a advocate by actually using it.

@ernie Same here. I'm a non coder, but run (in my case) Fedora on my laptop. My next laptop I hope to get something like a Tuxedo computers laptop.

@robbnl it’s good to hear there’s other non coder Linux users out there 😊 Good luck with the new choice of laptop 😊

@robbnl @ernie I'm curious why you guys choose Linux. For "power user" developers it's got advantages.

@tomosaigon @ernie There are several reasons why I use it.
- I find Linux by far easier to use.
- I like opensource
- I find Linux far more stable than for example, Windows.
- It is practically impossible to iron out all phone-home stuff in Windows
- I like opensource (I know, there is also open source software on Windows)
- I also use Linux on servers, the desktop integrates better with Linux on it.
- I like opensource
Did I mention I like ?

Not gonna lie. I started using Linux when I bought my current laptop 3 years ago for its license fee (0$) because Windows costs 100$ more. I stayed for the quality and ease of use.

I also like not being stick to explorer.exe desktop environment 😜
@tomosaigon @ernie

@murtezayesil @robbnl @tomosaigon @ernie I switched to extend the life of old hardware, mostly laptops.

I have a Sony laptop from 2007 and this reason applies to me to. In fact that thing is so old that something in its brain isn't working right, so I can't replace Stable Debian with anything (using USB boot). Not like I need to.
I am thinking of turning it into a home server that will just be there to backup other stuff in main home server.
@robbnl @tomosaigon @ernie

Old computer specs:
Sony Vaio NGN-N320E
Dual core Intel Pentium (1.6GHz)
Headphone jack

@murtezayesil @robbnl @tomosaigon @ernie This sort of anti-e-waste hook tends to be underrepresented, because maybe people feel like cheapskates when acknowledging it, but I think there’s something happening in this world.

@murtezayesil @robbnl @tomosaigon @ernie I tried it as an experiment back in 2018 and also stayed for the quality and ease of use. I still use anything when needed for work or play (games) but Linux has become the mainstay.

@tomosaigon @robbnl plus it’s stable free and secure, OpenSource, what’s not to like

@ernie I'm kind of a hobby coder, but it's important that we have people like you guys to maybe slowly reduce the stigma that you have to be some kind of wizard to use linux :)


@sotolf @robbnl exactly you really don’t need to be a wizard to use it these days 😊

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