No matter how much browsers talk about the security of their built-in password managers, I feel I have been conditioned to not trust them.

@erikstl Most are okay and are backed by local system security (notably on Windows and Mac -- not sure about Linux). Though, I prefer to use something a little more agnostic.

@ndegruchy Same here. That's part of my bigger issue with browser-based password managers... I can't use them to log in to anything that's not in a browser!

@erikstl That's also true. Systems like Apple's keychain and the Gnome/KDE keychains are good, but I prefer things like pass or KeePass or even 1Password.

@erikstl Rightfully so since passwords themselves are not what we should be using for authentication since humans have been proven to be bad at them.

@erikstl I agree. A good password manager satisified me. Like Keepass, or Gorilla, on my computer.

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