Do you ever miss the days of old when the internet was young, and you thought it was scandalous and cool to do something like download a txt file of the anarchist cookbook to a floppy drive?

Or you thought you were a hardcore hacker because you read about phone phreaking?

I would spend HOURS (mostly due to low bandwidth 28.8 baud modems) poring over a website like this:

@erikstl I got suspended for putting the Jolly Roger Cookbook (had a lot of the same material as Anarchists but with large sections on phreaking and social engineering) on several machines at school. The town sheriff and principal questioned me for about an hour on where I got it before they gave up lol.

@erikstl or hanging out on usenet & playing MUD via telnet? Chatting on IRC like it's a hardcore dark web? Bragging up how real hackers use Unix like in the movie "Hackers"? :P

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