GDPR allows for individuals to request deletion of their data, right?

If the company is in a GDPR country, but the user isn't, are they still required to comply?

In other words, does a German company have to comply with my (an American) request to delete my account and data?

@Gargron What is the accepted practice for translating things like "toot"? Translating it to the equivalent of "message" would seem to imply that even in English we'd be using "message" instead of "toot", if that makes sense.

I've been using "fajfo" in my Esperanto translations, which translates to toot/whistle, but maybe I'm way off?

I mean, we don't translate Mastodon to Mastodonte, do we?

I mean, that's interesting and all, but they neglected to include the photo of a bunch of grown-ass men giggling at how clever they think juvenile double entendre jokes about genitals are.

I (perhaps naively) expected better from @lunduke and @purism

Maybe this company's target audience isn't the over-30 crowd.

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It is not a special character, you fucking imperialist, it is my (first) last name.

I just installed

So... matrix is... IRC?

Old Man River is pissed. Actually, two of these photos are from River des Peres, which feeds into the Mississippi.

The photo with the steps is taken from the top of the steps at the base of the Gateway Arch.

Stuck in the hospital where the two options I have are no cell signal, or unsecured wifi.


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Big shout-out to @lunduke for answering this and giving it a community boost for seeing feedback on the idea and giving me more details to consider.

I was so excited to see it answered!

P.s. Not from Cleveland, but Oklahoma City 😄

My local newspaper tries to hide content behind a div with a subscriber-only class.

So I just ctrl+u and read the full content in the source. 🤣


have a large number of identical entries... how the hell does that work?

instagram is on's blocked AND unblocked list?


Why do direct messages I send in mastodon look like messages from the person I sent them to?

Also, why does it open my profile when I click their username?

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No matter how much browsers talk about the security of their built-in password managers, I feel I have been conditioned to not trust them.

My public library has online access (yay!).

Protected by a PIN that must be *EXACTLY* 4 numerical digits long. (boo!)

Bonus: my profile includes my full name and date of birth.

Ok, got Dropbox up and running on this Manjaro VM... one step closer to making the leap.

More and more, I find myself disliking home screen widgets.

My Android phone's home screen practically looks like an iPhone, with nothing but icons and no widgets.

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