Nothing quite like working from home using a Linux laptop, creating and editing documents in either Google Docs or LibreOffice, only to send said documents back to the office for them to try to open and edit themselves using Word 2002.

Don’t mind the horrible shape of the yard. I’m working on it.

I just discovered Monty Python's Flying Circus is on Netflix.

There goes my weekend...

Oh hey, everyone. How ya been? Long time, no see.

@Tutanota I can log in via my iOS app just fine, but the web login is telling me invalid login credentials.

After a couple months on Manjaro, I realized that @mxlinux was the better option for me.

Been gone for a couple months, but I'm back with a question!

Trying to put together a slideshow/movie for my in-laws for their 50th anniversary.

I need a simple, yet somewhat powerful piece of software to create this.

Custom music, easy photo insertion... kinda like iMovie, but you know... all Linux-y.

I’m cheap.

Is there a good, free (as in beer) mastodon app for iOS?

Just tried to enter feedback on a form that doesn't allow special characters, which includes '

(yes, an apostrophe)

I felt like Data from Star Trek, trying to write without using contractions.

Also, what kind of bullshit input sanitization are they using!?

T-Mobile's account website tells me that the page is unavailable due to high demand...

Unless I change my user agent to Chrome for Windows... then it suddenly works.

"High demand" must be code for "Linux"


My own posts up to this point have been photos of statues (one of the Virgin Mary, for crying out loud), food, and a flower.

If that somehow triggers a "maybe you'd like porn" algorithm, then I think some tweaking is in order.

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WTF kind of algorithm does @pixelfed use to determine suggestions to follow?

Because @Daddy (very NSFW) is most definitely NOT an account I would be interested in, yet there it is as the first suggestion in my timeline.

Maybe refrain from suggesting porn accounts until you know for certain that is something a user might like?

You know, kinda like how you don't ask a woman about her pregnancy unless you are 1000% certain that she's actually pregnant?

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Haven't baked in a while. Decided to make a rhubarb pie last night.

With the leftover rhubarb, I think I'll make a little bread this afternoon.

I have a loan through [lender], wherein my login/pass info on their website is my acct # and the last 4 of my SSN, and said password CANNOT BE CHANGED.

Bonus: the site isn't SSL encrypted, and trying to force https doesn't work.

I can't wait to get this thing paid off.

Installed Manjaro KDE :manjaro: :kde: and I really like it.

AUR is swanky, and got me Dropbox, which is great.

Got rid of octopi and installed pamac, though. Pamac just seems more user-friendly... also installing from AUR via command line `pamac build ...` seems to be a smoother process, which I appreciate.

Celebrate the 4th of July the Humane Way With Our National Treasure, Jeff Goldblum.

I do like me some KDE Plasma.

Not sure if I know the full capabilities of it... but KDE Connect is pretty nifty.

Job applications that ask you to upload your resume.

And then ask you to enter your employment and education history.

What was even the point of the upload?

Is there a significant difference between ProtonVPN and Orbot?

@protonmail @torproject

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