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Besides Mastodon I've been using for a while now and it keeps surprising me. I just discovered that it's actually a good RSS reader. Just add RSS feeds as new contacts was all I had to do.

A somewhat older (2016) but still interesting article about the history of . Also contains a biography of Mike Macgirvin the developer that started , Hubzilla and . It's interesting to learn that Mike launched Mistpark, the predecessor of Friendica, before *.

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The can look intimidating for people not to familiair with it, because of the large number of options and all the lingo.

I therefore wrote a guide for any user or that's (still) looking for an alternative social network in the .

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Hi folks, I've just recently joined this afternoon, I believe the fediverse is the future of social networking, so I'm glad to be on here.

While I'm here, would anyone know of any good 3d printing instances? Cheers!

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“Demanding privacy from surveillance capitalists,” says Zuboff, “or lobbying for an end to commercial surveillance on the internet is like asking old Henry Ford to make each Model T by hand. It’s like asking a giraffe to shorten its neck, or a cow to give up chewing. These demands are existential threats that violate the basic mechanisms of the entity’s survival.”

I took a look at the project of Tim Berners Lee and to me it looks very similar to of Eben Moglen and of Bob Mottram except that Solid is far from ready.

Any thought about the Solid project? How is it different from projects like Freedombox or Freedombone?

Helping my son buillding the prototype to collect disposable beer cups that we designed earlier in . We still need to build-in the Seeeduino and we definately need another sensor. What a stupid idea it was to use the sonic sensor. 😅

Link to earlier post about this project.

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#Inkscape is proud to release versions 0.92.4 & 1.0 alpha of its free, professional vector graphics editor! Available now for Linux and Windows 32/64 here: #FLOSS #collaboration

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To all the #blenderists or #blenderartists can you redirect to any resources' study about #Blender 2.8.

The official manual is quite incomplete and it drives me crazy.

Right now I know more than an half of the Blender functions but I am still unable to get anything! Damned me... 🤦‍♂️

#blenderartist #blenderist #3dgraphics #computergraphic #3dartist #3dartists

I don't know if the're a lot of users here but I wrote down some cases when to use instead.

What I appreciate a lot is the ability to follow multiple hashtags over the including Mastodon.

I listened to The Snapchat Thief podcast of Reply All and at some point a hack called SIM Swapping is discussed. In short it goes like this. Someone that pretends to be you calls the telephone company and says "I've got a new phone and please transfer my phone number to that phone". Once that's done 2FA is used to gain access to all kinds of online accounts. I'm not a security expert at all but this sounds pretty scary.


I've been postponing this for too long but I finally started to learn scripting. Below the first humble fruits of my labor.

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Homebrew 1.9.0 released,

Biggest news from my point of view: It provides beta support for Linux (known as Linuxbrew) and Windows \o/.

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@FreeCAD became "professional" package. Structure of our hybrid powered workoboat, elCAT-0 is done in FreeCAD:

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