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My son had only one night left to build a conveyer belt for school when he came to me. He had an idea but no plan how to build it. We took out an old Makeblock kit, an clone Robot kit, and dusted it off, assembled a simple motor driven conveyer belt. Created a simple program, uploaded. We finished at 3am and concluded it was a good day. Never imagined that old kit would have a purpose again.

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New Zealand chooses Google Chromebooks over Microsoft Windows 10 for education - Don't just stick to what you have been used to...

The new European is a threat for all internet creators in the and a warning for all outside the EU. of the directive will inevitably lead to uploadfilters. With this directive the EU parliament has demonstrated that the interests of the big IP holders are more important to them than representing the EU citizens. Having said that I wonder if the Fediverse could be the answer to this threat?

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I just changed the keyboard on my Thinkpad. Took 10 minutes, pretty impressed! Buy repairable stuff, save the planet 🌍

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Just noticed #Slic3r has added adaptive layers (maybe it's been there awhile but I missed it):

So cool to see innovation continuing in this space even though the "buzz" around 3d printing has subsided a bit.

Has anyone here played around with ? The idea of a website hosted on your own pc instead of a server is interesting.

Seen last Sunday on the Dutch Design Week (). The 3D Rotoprinter a design from Jonas Duteloff. One rotary axis and a cylinder as starting point. Excellent idea from Jonas.

Good morning. My sister is a big fan but yesterday I installed on her desktop. She was pleasantly surpirsed with the capabilities of LibreOffice. A small first step...

Toronto “smart city” project turns out to be a “surveillance city”. The not so smart idea of Toronto to choose Google for this project.

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Added "Paywall: The Business of Scholarship" (2018), you can watch it here:

Feature-length documentary about the parasitic publishing companies that syphon off billions of dollars of public money by pointlessly charging scientists to read each other's research.

The film is brand new and released under #CreativeCommons Attribution 4.0 licence. You can find out more at

#Paywall #Research #Scholarship #Publishing #Documentary #Film

Had a wonderful day at the last day of the Dutch Design Week (). So much creativity packed together. Saw many new solutions to prevent pollution and recycling like this bag of Mycotex, a fabric made from micelium, the vegetative part of a fungus.

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Is it advisable to block the domain on a user level?

I've got several bots following me this morning just after I posted. All from Any idea what this is?

I'm going the final day of the Dutch Design Week () today. What a treat. I hope I can share some images with you later this day.

@art Just discovered your videos on PeerTube and they're great.

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#introduction Hi, I've been using Google+ for having interesting discussions on mathematics and physics, particularly visualistations using 3D prints, animations. Since Google+ might be shutting down, I'm trying Mastodon.
I just salvaged all my old posts, and put them on a website:
Here is an example of graphics I do:

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