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Check out my 103 kilometers, One of the best, #Vacaville at its most beautiful, smooth, Good Friday indeed #Cycling ride on #Strava πŸŒ–πŸŒžπŸžπŸš΅πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸŒΈβœ¨

@jordan31 Not sure if you've seen the mechanical drawings of the Raspberry Pi's. They have been of great help to me in the past.

@braunne You seem very eager to point that out. You must be a teacher.

FWIW I'm from a non-English-speaking country where we use the reverse formatting, periods (full stops) to mark out every three decimal places and a comma for the decimal point. Hence my mistake.

animal rights 


Luckily the ships with live stock were the first to pass the Suez Canal after the blockade was lifted.

animal rights 

It appears that 200.000 animals were stuck in the Suez Canal after the Ever Given caused the longest closure of the canal in decades. The transport of animals over sea is causing unnecessary suffering and has to stop.

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What defines Dutch Cycling
What is typically Dutch when it comes to bicycling? Here are some traits that could be considered Dutch.

Politics, there is no planet b 

The current neoliberal growth model is exhausting our planet and causing immense suffering to people and animals. We must stop cutting the branch we are sitting on. When politics changes course together with citizens, we can keep the earth liveable for humans and animals.

Animal Rights 

@michiel This was originally my starting point too. Until I (more recently) realized that climate change, extinction of species, poisoning of the Earth and other global ecological problems are the result of how we exploit the Earth and with that all inhabitants of it including animals.

Animal Rights 

The Animal Rights Party in the Netherlands got almost 4% of the votes during the election for a new Parliament in the Netherlands last Wednesday.

politics animal rights 

I think the Netherlands is the only country with a sizable Animal Rights Party which is a shame. What the world needs is an eco-centric approach instead of an human-centric approach.

@normandc I agree. The developers are kind of missing the point of libre. The only exception could be if no free software is available to do the job but that doesn't seem to be the case here.

@jordila Perhaps, although I would like to have a more steady stream of posts. In addition I must remind myself to donate to FLOSS projects that I thankfully use.

@jordila Same here. While I enjoy all this free software I must remind myself to contribute to it.

@jordila Kind of you to refer to my article and Eben Moglen's speech.

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As the #voron printer design is gpl licensed, you get to play around with every part of it, including the design. This is very useful while (re-)building the printer.

Here's a screenshot from #freecad from what I am trying to build.

@mrb Do you have a website that I can refer to on Lemmy?

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This sounds ingenious! The great bubble barrier, keeping plastic out of the ocean:

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