A somewhat older (2016) but still interesting article about the history of . Also contains a biography of Mike Macgirvin the developer that started , Hubzilla and . It's interesting to learn that Mike launched Mistpark, the predecessor of Friendica, before *.


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The can look intimidating for people not to familiair with it, because of the large number of options and all the lingo.

I therefore wrote a guide for any user or that's (still) looking for an alternative social network in the .


@vancha That early and at that temperature. You have my respect.

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@neildarlow I agree, the term open source erodes the idea of free software. 'It’s the freedom that matters. The rest of it is just source code' to cite Eben Moglen.

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Hi folks, I've just recently joined this afternoon, I believe the fediverse is the future of social networking, so I'm glad to be on here.

While I'm here, would anyone know of any good 3d printing instances? Cheers!

@pythonvisa Welcome! Unfortunately there are no 3d printer instances (yet) but I for one welcome your toots on 3d printing.

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“Demanding privacy from surveillance capitalists,” says Zuboff, “or lobbying for an end to commercial surveillance on the internet is like asking old Henry Ford to make each Model T by hand. It’s like asking a giraffe to shorten its neck, or a cow to give up chewing. These demands are existential threats that violate the basic mechanisms of the entity’s survival.”


@fribbledom Either OpenSCAD or Solvespace if you don't want to script your model.

I took a look at the project of Tim Berners Lee and to me it looks very similar to of Eben Moglen and of Bob Mottram except that Solid is far from ready.

Any thought about the Solid project? How is it different from projects like Freedombox or Freedombone?



@rtwx Interesting. Is there a online place where you document this project?

@njha @mooshoe I'm running Logitech Media Server for years now to stream my music in my house. It's great software and it's FLOSS.

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