@djsumdog @ohyran @lyliawisteria I'm back to DVD's again. Sick and tired of my data being mined. DVD's are cheap and most of them are easy to rip with . Copy them to LibreElec or OpenElec and take back control.

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@bob We have dug our selfs in a deep hole and traded privacy and freedom for convenience. The only way out is to offer tools of freedom with the same convenience. A lesson I learned from Even Moglen. Without that it's impossible to talk people out of Fartbook and the likes.

@lee8oi @mattmcnutt Follow up muse: I just checked and couldn't find a Freedombox (or similar) in school project. Could the Freedombox be the 'trojan' that introduces free software to schools.

@mattmcnutt @lee8oi Yeah it's an uphill battle. I do like the top down approach of open access in the EU where research institutions that are getting taxpayers money are forced to use open publications. This could easily be copied to schools/colleges and universities that receive tax payers money (which is almost all of them). They could be forced to use free/libre software.

@LPS Thx hadn't seen it. Interesting approach building it into the router. With so many projects currently working on the same problem I'm convinced that at some point someone or someones will get it right. In fact I think the Fediverse in it's current state is already part of the solution that Mr Moglen is proposing. Although the pod or the instance is not in our own house, the data belong to the user and not to a big tech co bringing the bankrupcy of Mark Zuckerberg just a tiny bit closer.

I just watched Eben Moglen's lecture Freedom in The Cloud from 2010. Even after all these years it's well worth an hour of your life if you're interesting in gaining freedom back. I'll promise it's not boring.


@lee8oi Your right but I must work on my approach. On a different occasion tried to convince the IT guy of the school of my sons to use FLOSS. I got a strong feeling that since then I was considered a weirdo or worse.

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@technoslick Yes and that makes it even more painfull. BTW: I also remember Macs with Microsoft software creeping in my university at the end of the eighties. Little did I know back then.

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@art Indeed not the Year of Linux desktop that I imagined. Microsoft and Google aren't interested in user freedom (on the contrary) they're only interested in shareholders value and as long as Linux serves that interest the'll use it. But I guess you knew that already.

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@lee8oi Hi Lee, great to find you here. It took me some time to get used to the, for lack of a better word, experience but I really love the community on Fosstodon. Welcome.

@alejandro I took a look at it but I'm not sure if I'm a big fan of the whole cryptocurrency thing on DTube.

@kelbot I'd heard of Odroid but never took the trouble to check it out until now. Interesting line of products.

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