@ybalrid Coming from the open source software community on G+ I find this an excellent replacement. With lots of great tips and conversations on FLOSS and other things.

@ybalrid Welcome, with your profile you probably feel right at home here on Fosstodon.

Unfortunately not on Mastodon but if you like math and 3D printing the work of Ulrich Bear is really worth checking out. Here is a link to his channel:

For the code to work on your PC you need OpenSCAD (it's FLOSS) and the file ub.scad library that can be downloaded here:

@randynose Sean is the author of the medium article (and of all the other We Distribute articles).

@randynose Also good to know that Sean Tilley has left Medium to self host We Distribute with free software.


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Stay tuned guys, 0.18 release is imminent! The 0.18 tag has been created, all that is needed now is for packagers to prepare binaries (installers) for Windows, Linux (AppImage) and macOS. That last one may be delayed, from what I gather the Mac guys have been having trouble building the whole dependency stack (and it's huge).

Of course, for Ubuntu the freecad-stable PPA repository will be updated, for these users it's the best and effortless way to get it.

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Hi there! I'm a Ruby dev and tester from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I hope I can share and read interesting stuff and help the community grow.

@switchedtolinux I agree with @sproid but I do like to add that if you want other Mastodon users being able to find your toot (post) it helps to use hashtags for keywords.


@jex Movim runs in the browser. It's much more than just chat but the chat functionality is very nice and everyone with an XMPP account can join. One disadvantage the current version doesn't have E2E.

Jitsi Meet also runs in the browser but it's more targeted at video chat. It's extremely easy to set up, no account needed, just share a link.

@jex @ChrisWere Excellent website and the reason I started using IceCat.

With abandoned by the developers and osada.usezot.net shutting down on March 15th I'm losing my account there soon.

I've nevertheless created an account on zap.usezot.net today to keep following what's happening in that part of the .


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Please #StopUsingMedium. It’s really annoying and makes me not read your content, no matter how good it is. Not specific for this author. This a general statement.

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