My 'new' desktop running MXLinux. The iMac is gone.

All hardware is either given to me or bought in a thrift shop. I suspect that the Packard Bell S1800 isn't beefy enough but I deal with that should issues arise. So far so good.

After half a year riding on rented bikes my son wanted his own MTB. This is what we bought today, a second hand Stumpjumper.

We made a simple cardboard box and in addition two lamps of laser cut wood (the third is a regular desk lamp) for or DIY photo booth. We're going to try to sell a lot of small stuff on Ebay.

The penguin model is the creative work of @algot and if you're interested you can find it here:

After a question from a fellow user I had to create the Whiffle Ball in .

I finally printed the winter Tux that I created earlier. It wasn't an easy print but I'm happy with the little guy. If someone else wants to have a go at it here is the .obj:

or wants the Dust3D source file:

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A winter Tux created in . Work in progress. I'm aiming to get a nice 3dprintable model.

I'm getting the hang of . I made this low poly Santa in half an hour.

The long awaited helix feature of Solvespace 3.0 is much appreciated.

I'm taking a further look at and to my joy it even has an option to insert JavaScript and a variable panel for procedural modeling.

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The new table for my 3D printers is ready. I used a nice flat piece of pinewood, that I treated with two layers of finishing oil. The scaffold pipe was from the smaller table that I had before. Finally I can get back to my printing projects.

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The new printbed finally arrived. Important lesson. An fully open source printer, like the Hephestos 2, is fine but only if the non-printable parts can be bought either in the hardware shop or online. Anyway I going to make a table today for my two printers.

I think I got the slicer settings of my new BIQU right and I'm nearing the point that I can finally resume my laser cutter project.

Cont'd. I've had contact with BIQU and they assured me that it's only the level wheel that was broken and that they will send me another one. So after two nights of assembling, calibration and struggling my first print came off and it doesn't look bad.

Another issue that I had. Somehow the axis didn't move and I had to do a manual factory reset (M502) to get them working. They won't tell you that in the manual...

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I received my 3d printer (BIQU B1) and had a lot of fun unpacking it until I noticed that a knob to level the print bed had been broken off. It also appears that part of the printbed is bended. I guess I'll have to send the printer back to Banggood.😞

Snickers cookies for my trips. Not a good idea when it's hot but now in the autumn it's fine. I mixed peanuts (the unsalted ones), biscuit, condensed milk and honey. Melted the chocolate 'au bain marie'. Make the mix flat with a pin roller, poor the chocolate over it and place it in the fridge for an hour or so. Take out and cut.

So my little toy Vertex Nano can print a very decent 3DBenchy with PolyMax PLA. That's more than I expected.

In the mean time I started tinkering with this machine which is more a toy actually but I won't complain because it was a gift. Perhaps I can get some smaller parts printed on the Vertex Nano.

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