Building a demo racetrack this weekend for my wife's company. Just doing the woodworking here but the whole thing will consist of a Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi Grove Pi+ Kit, four ultrasonic sensors, a camera and Mindstorm crane.

Tomorrow is a big day as my son will be demonstrating his prototype that collects disposable beer cups. The sensor to count the cups works great, that's a relief.

Here is link to a previous toot on this project.

Helping my son buillding the prototype to collect disposable beer cups that we designed earlier in . We still need to build-in the Seeeduino and we definately need another sensor. What a stupid idea it was to use the sonic sensor. 😅

Link to earlier post about this project.

A design made in the 3DCAD program for a prototype that my son is making for school. It will be a playful system for disposable cups.

Solvespace is just perfect for these kind of assemblies. Fast, easy to work with. Making 3DCAD an enjoyable experience.

I got this book from my wife for Christmas and I love it.

My youngest son enjoying the bluetooth amplifier I made for him. The battery life is impressive. I still need to make one adjustment to the console on the back and provide more space for the wires and connectors.

Learned something today about tangled filament on the spool. Don't you hust hate it when a print comes out like this. I always thought this was due to cross-winding when the filament was initially spooled. I was wrong. It's because incorrect storage and use of the filament spool.

Final assembly of the DIY bluetooth amplifier and one more test. My 3D printer came in handy to print the console (front) and the mount for the amplifier and the battery pack. It already sounds great.

A mount I designed in for my Dayton Audio amplifier board. With the rose I'm trying to give a nice touch to an otherwise dull design.

Received the Dayton Audio components (amplifier, battery extension board and cable set) and started testing for the portable, bluetooth stereo speaker. The speakers and the wooden box are from the old design. The small black pcb board is the old Sure Electronics amplifier.

I opened the Watch Black today. Let's see if I can replace the battery.

A couple of years ago I made two amplifiers for my sons. Simple projects but I still love the wooden enclosures that I made. Now my youngest son wants me to add bluetooth and a battery which is a nice challenge to improve the simple designs. So last night I opened his enclosure to take a look at the components. The amplifier is a Sure Electronics AA-AB32131 while the speakers are Visatons FRS-8. Any suggestions for a replacement amplifier with integrated bluetooth?

print designed on . Image is resized to about 200x200px and converted to negative with . made with my Hephestos printer using white PLA.

3D printed lithophanes for my sisters company created with . Suffering a bit of oozing but I can clean that.

Finally had the time to tinker a bit with the Browser. Beaker not only enables you to make your own p2p projects but it's also very easy to modify existing projects and make them your own. I made a very simple website but the Beaker browser is needed to visit because of the protocol.


I'm so proud that our good friend Mark Louise is exposing his paintings in Tokyo Japan. So if you happen to be in neighborhood pay him a visit ;-).

Seen last Sunday on the Dutch Design Week (). The 3D Rotoprinter a design from Jonas Duteloff. One rotary axis and a cylinder as starting point. Excellent idea from Jonas.

Had a wonderful day at the last day of the Dutch Design Week (). So much creativity packed together. Saw many new solutions to prevent pollution and recycling like this bag of Mycotex, a fabric made from micelium, the vegetative part of a fungus.

This how the business card that I made for my wife came of the printer (after a couple of iterations). It just needs a little bit of cleaning. I used these two colors to mimic the default terminal view. To change the filament I used the M25 command in the GCode.

Idea for a 3d printed business card for my wife made in OpenSCAD. Just need to think of a text that the binary code translates to.


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