I got inspired by a design of a clothes peg that is printed in one piece and decided to create it in Solvespace. First attempt. The spring on the peg works surprisingly good even with regular PLA.

For those interested in printing the peg or improve on the design I've uploaded the .stl and Solvespace file here:

Can Solvespace export to STEP? It would allow import into FreeCAD. 😀

@normandc Yes, Solvespace can export STEP files. Use File/ExportSurfaces in Solvespace. To import in FreeCAD in the preferences disable 'Enable STEP compound merge' and then import. See my little experiment with the clothes peg imported in FreeCAD as STEP file.

By disabling "enable compound merge", the model imports as multiple solids rather than one, as can be seen in the Model tree. If you leave the setting enabled, it won't import? Just curious. I haven't had the time to boot up my desktop PC in a while.

I'm certainly interested in printing a few of these at some point!

I'm now wondering if it imports the model as disconnected faces instead of solids. I recall reading about Solvespace's STEP export limitations a long time ago.

But with this even thickness design, it would be a simple matter to build it as a solid from the bottom face; either directly, or by first converting the face into a sketch.

@normandc Yes it were the faces that were imported. I didn't experiment any further yesterday but tonight I'll try to create a solid out of it and change the design.

@normandc I did some more experimentation and the STEP file appears to be one unified solid. Maybe I'm not skilled enough in FreeCAD but at this point it appears that the STEP exports from Solvespace are limited in use.

You're still checking the original STEP exported from Solvespace, and shown in your screenshot? I'm doubting it's a single solid, by what's visible in the model tree. The top object is a container, and the objects nested under it are either faces, shells or solids. Of course I may be mistaken.

There's a Check geometry tool in the Part workbench that can analyze it.

Would you be willing to share the STEP? I might have a go at it.


"Top object" - I meant Product037. It's a "Part" container (I know, it's highly confusing 🙄) and such a container can include any 2D/3D geometry, even meshes. Think of it as a "dumb" assembly, rather than an actual solid part. Or a group, with a placement (XYZ) property. The PartDesign workbench's "Body" container is the one that represents a single solid. Its icon is blue rather than yellow.

@normandc Yes that's right. With I enable compound merge in the preferences the model won't load.

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