Freedom in the Cloud (eleven years later) |

« Eleven years after Eben Moglen’s speech Freedom in the Cloud I’m looking back at was has been achieved in ethical social networking.[..]»
.- @ericbuijs ...

Yes indeed, Eben Moglen’s speech is not to be deprecated, unfortunately...


@jordila Kind of you to refer to my article and Eben Moglen's speech.

well , ... @ericbuijs .
I feel like from time to time, i need to refresh concepts... and remind myself about the « free as in freedom» we enjoy rather than (damned) «free as in free beer» that perverted the Web ?
Nice you wrote some words pointing to the source ...


@jordila Same here. While I enjoy all this free software I must remind myself to contribute to it.

@ericbuijs well. Isn't blogposting and sharing a nice contribution ?

#blogs power

@jordila Perhaps, although I would like to have a more steady stream of posts. In addition I must remind myself to donate to FLOSS projects that I thankfully use.

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