My 'new' desktop running MXLinux. The iMac is gone.

All hardware is either given to me or bought in a thrift shop. I suspect that the Packard Bell S1800 isn't beefy enough but I deal with that should issues arise. So far so good.

@ericbuijs This is cool! It's always fun to see people using used things. :)

What!?! iMac gone? What did the wife say about that? 😜

@normandc My wife is still undecided to either sell the Mac or use it herself to browse and edit her photos. She praises the iMac for it's esthetics which is pretty hard to argue against. Any advice is welcome.😅

@normandc It currently stands idle on the attic so there is a window of opportunity here.

Do you mean that she never operated the iMac before and left the job to you?

@normandc That's right. She's actually a Windows user but she loves the looks of the iMac.

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