Thoughts of Chris Were about YT forcing ads on all content creators and about PeerTube and other alternatives.

@ericbuijs on a positive note, by being shitty they'll push more people to alternatives:)

@lps Makes me wonder how shitty it has to get before people finally decide to leave.

That's the question, even for people on the fediverse:( At this point however YouTube must be the second largest "search engine" next to google search itself, that has a hell of a lot of gravity.

In a conversation I had earlier this week I suggested creators treat YT as a platform to advertise their channels elsewhere. E.g. Here's a teaser, for full content go here. People do it for Patron.

@ericbuijs @lps
Look at how shitty Facebook is, do people leave it en masse?

I got into an argument with a relative the other week because of conspiracy stories about covid they're reading on FB, and believing. Trying to make them understand how toxic it is is an impossible task. 🤦‍♀️

@normandc @ericbuijs I guess what we're really up against is antitrust ... FB and YT come with the phone = 99.9% will use it since it's preinstalled a la Internet Explorer, remember how we used to punish people for that?!

The barrier to entry is zero, and everyone is held captive.... hell even grandma can use it, or she's forced too to see the grand kids:(

@normandc @lps I was able to interest a lot of people on YT in alternatives for proprietary products like Fusion360. That's the main reasons that I still have a channel on YT. Lots of people out there don't even know that good free and open source software exists. So a little propaganda won't hurt.

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