I just found this great privacy research and tech channel on that I feel a lot of people would appreciate:)

Take a look and show him some love


This is exactly the use case I was describing just recently. Single-user peertube instances for the greatest control meanwhile being part of the larger network.

Spin one up:)



@LPS Thanks. Nice channel but unfortunately it doesn't federate with other PeerTube instances much. So this guy is impossible to find via my instance.

Man, we really need the global search of the upcoming v3 of PeerTube.


@ericbuijs There is still the option of following via Mastodon;) That's the beauty of activitypub!

Just copy and paste into the search bar and follow


@ericbuijs @sunknudsen I think global search is already there but only if you federate with other instances

@LPS I think the global search that is planned will take it a step further. From the roadmap: 'We will create a server that indexes all videos and channels from all PeerTube instances that are listed on the public directory."

@ericbuijs oh, that's great. A flagship, aggregate, homepage of sorts for is the killer application as far as I'm concerned 😎 🤙

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