For people that use Spotify it might be interesting to learn that (to my knowledge) Deezer has a larger library (56 million tracks) than Spotify and doesn't use DRM.

@vordenken I've currently got it happily playing music in Firefox without Widevine, play DRM-controlled content disabled and Flash disabled. I was never able to do that with Spotify.

@ericbuijs Nice to know that. I would love to switch from spotify but the best feature from spotify, recommended new music, is just not present on other services like deezer..

@vordenken FWIW, my son's tell me that Deezer's Flow is pretty good.

@ericbuijs Sadly when opening deezers website or app, its connects to a lot of crap like google and facebook.

@vordenken In my webbrowser I see the usual suspects like and googletagmanager which I all block of course. Not much more. It would surprise me if Spotify wouldn't deliver a similar payload with it's webplayer.

@ericbuijs @vordenken their encryption key is public, no point in DRM :)

@ericbuijs that's impressive! I thought nothing could rival Spotify in terms of availability, but I did some cursory searches for fairly obscure Swedish punk bands and it came back with results.

It's even a bit cheaper than Spotify, on top of the other benefits.

Now to convince my wife she has to switch...

I don't see how having no DRM provides any advantage. You don't own the music anyway?

I don't use Spotify because I'm uncomfortable with a system that screws content creators by giving them peanuts for their labour... I doubt Deezer is any better. I would gladly pay if money distribution was fair to musicians.

If you put that issue aside, one plus I see with Deezer over Spotify is that the free account supposedly has no ads.

@normandc And you're right, DRM free doesn't provide any direct practical advantage but I'm annoyed by all the people here linking to the Spotify website that forces us to use DRM and provide them with an alternative.

It's DRM software like Widevine used by Spotify that does give Google enormous leverage over users and software developers alike. Using DRM eventually undermines freedom on the web.

@ericbuijs Not sure how big Nuclear's library is, but it must be in the same ballpark... 🤔 😀

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