In this small blog post I challenge the reader to turn the back on Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and Blogger and use alternatives Pixelfed, PeerTube, FunkWhale and WriteFreely instead. Seems like an appropriate start of this decade.

@ericbuijs I don’t use most of those services, but I don’t think I could give up YouTube or Spotify. There are no open alternatives out there that are even in the same ballpark. Plus, Spotify premium has no ads. Not great, I grant you, but it’s something.

@kev I was a heavy user of both Spotify/Deezer and YT but a remark of either you or Mike (I don't remember) started me considering PeerTube and later Funkwhale.

In all honesty I do use Deezer from time to time (we have a family subscription) but I find Funkwhale very promising if you want to create your own music library.

YT was easier to abandon since I noticed I was wasting a lot of time due to the YT algorithm that always gave me a reason to watch one more video.

How is funkwhale (fw) a replacement for Spotify or the likes? Is my understanding that fw only stream what you upload. With Spotify you can listen to all their catalog. If I want to explore new songs, artist, albums I will go broke using fw.

@sproid If you want to listen to all the music that Spotify offers, you simply can't do that on Funkwhale.

However I've got a pretty big music collection (mostly from CD's). Now Funkwhale starts making sense.

Another example, there is tons of music available with Creative Commons license or in the public domain (for example on the Internet Archive) especially in classical music. Users made libraries that are publicly available in Funkwhale. Free, without ads or paid subscription.


@sproid Some artists are already uploading their own music to Funkwhale under Creative Commons license. This music is then made publicly available for all Funkwhale users federated with that instance.

@kev @ericbuijs Spotify sells your telemetry to third parties. I can't feel safe with them but I miss all the great artist that they abuse for leverage.

I see an increase in use and promotion of YouTube alternatives the likes of, Peertube, and not FOSS Bitchute.

@sproid If I use YT I use the Invidious web interface or the NewPipe app. No more YT algorithm and annoying ads.


@ericbuijs nice one. Thank you, I was about to try more fediverse services anyway

@ericbuijs My biggest problem with funkwhale is probably a very personal one, I do not own any music other than a couple of cds. I‘ll have to check on the legality of uploading those...

@thewk As long as you create a library on your Funkwhale instance for personal use (the 'nobody except me' option in Funkwhale) you're good. Just make sure you don't share that library within your instance or between instances.

@ericbuijs Hm, sounds good. Maybe I’ll get the chance to take a closer look this weekend...
Also took a look at pixelfed, looks like a good place to upload a couple of pics :)

@thewk A couple of tips. Funkwhale has a very active development and improves quickly so if you want to join an existing instance it's worthwhile to check whether they use the latest Funkwhale release.

Also reach out to the admin (on the /about page). An active admin can make life on Funkwhale so much easier.

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